About ZolarEnergy.net

ZolarEnergy.net exposes problems of the current economic system and shows possibilities for a sustainable, environment-friendly and socially responsible economy.

First, the energy sector is covered. Arguments against renewable energies and for fossil energies and nuclear energy are responded to. A transistion to 100% renewable energies is sketched.

Problems of conventional agriculture are covered while possible solutions are given: organic farming, vegan diet, hydroponics and usage of human waste as organic fertilizer.

Arguments for the abolishment of intellectual monopolies in form of patents and copyrights are brought forward. Subsequently some own ideas are published.

The problems of the current monetary system are brought up: redistribution from poor to rich, growth imperative, poverty, underpaid work and bad working conditions. A solution in form of Freiwirtschaft and Basic Income is proposed.

Finally some suggestions are made on how each of us can contribute to a better economy.